Spontaneous Shoot With Ginela

Back in August I found myself back in Toronto where I have lived for several recent years. I most recently lived near a very big and very private forest in North York, and it was one of my favourite places to shoot nudes and beauty. It was completely private, could spend hours back there without ever running in to a soul. I did however encounter wild deer, snakes, rabbits, ravens, and even heard coyotes. Hard to believe such a unique forest resides only a minutes walk from busy Eglinton Ave.


On to the beauty in the photograph, this is Ginela. A good friend who I met through photography and modeling. She has an unbelievably positive attitude about life, I'm sure anyone who who knows her could agree that you leave feeling tickled with positivity after spending time together.


Ginela and I have collaborated on photo projects 4 times now. She's supported my work by paying to collaborate twice, which feels nice since most people don't. This is our second collaboration as trade, the first was a pinup shoot inspired by Gil Elvgren, often featured in my portfolio. The night before this forest shoot I messaged her out of the blue to see if she wanted to collab. She jumped at the opportunity, and we threw this together on the spot.

Was nice getting to add to our collection Ginela, looking forward to the next one. I'm also glad I got to shoot at the ol' forest studio that I've come to love so much. Surprisingly it hasn't changed too much, which is okay because there are so many spots in the area that I haven't been able to shoot in yet. I feel truly blessed to have stumbled by such an amazing and convenient space, that seems to be secret from the rest of the planet.