Urb-Ex In Detroit With Angela

This past weekend I had some solid plans set up, but Friday night my Saturday plans were postponed, this meant I had a car rental and no plans for a day. The next logical thing was to go to Detroit! I had some spots picked out in my head that I explore further, that I had been to before. I decided to invite my friend Angela along for the day. (She graciously took control of the camera as I drove)


On the way to the border we spontaneously did a live stream hangout with her Instagram followers, where we polled active viewers on their opinions on a variety of deep topics including but not limited to: what the best season was, and how long we would last before getting shot. I regretfully didn't take a screenshot from our stream before it expired.


Upon arriving in the city, there was a fresh reminder that the situation for the people around us was much heavier than our own. Seeing shopping carts full of peoples possessions scattered across boarded up neighborhoods will never be a sight I get used to. We were there at our leisure so it was important to be respectful of our surroundings since it is not our home.


We decided to revisit a building that I stumbled across a few months back with my friend Nathan. This time we spent way longer inside and explored the entire first floor, haunted basement, and destroyed upstairs. The building is littered with old furniture, and broken glass. The entrance is a knocked down wall, you can see Angela hiking across the pile of bricks above.


Sadly enough the inside featured several nests of furniture with blankets and makeshift beds inside. You can see the image above has some sofas on their sides with a door above for shelter. The roof is filled with holes, so this must be the next best option for the homeless.


I tried looking up what this building once was, but had no luck. Through out the different areas there are several overhead cranes, still in tact. After spending a solid 45 minutes in the building we took a quick selfie together and moved along.